Thursday, 12 September 2013

Top Navigation Recommendations For Mobile Website Layout
Top Navigation Recommendations For Mobile Website Layout
A lot of mobile tablet pc's today make use of touch screens for navigation and do not have the traditional "mouse" function, located on a home computer. Every business should think of this before designing their mobile website, to ensure that their visitors can easily navigate around their site.

There are a number of simple design features that should be done right, in order to make sure that your mobile visitors can easily navigate to the details that they are looking to find.

The most important layout idea for making your mobile pages easy to navigate is to make them with "vertical" navigation and not "horizontal" navigation. It is exceptionally vital to develop pages that scroll from top to bottom, to make sure that the text is easier to read through.

Hypertext links are difficult to make use of on mobile phones and tablets and can easily be clicked accidentally on touch screens. So make every one of your actionable hyperlinks into buttons, tabs or bars, which are a lot more apparent.

While office computers can easily navigate deeply into more large websites, it is ideal to stay away from developing a mobile website that has way too many pages. Try to keep your important details as near to the top page as possible and do not go overboard with a lot of pages for your site.

Navigating back to your home page should also be direct and straightforward, to stay clear of losing your mobile visitors.

For guaranteed results we advise using a professional web design company to help you develop a top notch, user friendly mobile website.

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