Friday, 23 August 2013

Learn Clever Tactics that Teach You How to Make him Want You
Learn Clever Tactics that Teach You How to Make him Want You
Is your heart aching over the recent break-up? Do you want him back? Are you wondering how to make him want you? Your friends may not be the best persons to give you advice. They may even put you off by telling you not to waste your time. You may be aware of what to do in the years to come but it is essential to realize how to make him want you and never leave you again. To accomplish that below tips will surely help you:

1. Learn to say his name out loud

This is a great secret that is not difficult to follow. You will notice that you draw attention like a magnet when you call him by his name as it works every time.

If does not matter if you are dating the guy or if you are married to him. Men love to hear their name uttered by the women they love. They are drawn to you and focus their attention when you say their name. However, do not overdo it as it will lose the quality and purpose. Do it in public when you are in conversation.

2. Make contact every now and then

A casual touch now and then makes you desirable to your man especially when you do it unexpectedly. He realizes that you wish to be close to him and it stirs the animal instinct in him when you make playful contact - oh so casually! Try laying your hand casually on his leg or fondly stroking his arm. You can reach out to fix that strand of hair and find that he responds to such contact.

3. Is it a good idea to pay compliments?

Men know when you are overdoing the compliments. An occasional compliment will work wonders especially if it comes from you unexpectedly. It should relate to something that matters to him. For example, if he takes a lot of trouble when writing by his hand for you then do compliment him on his meticulous writing and note the appreciation in the way he reacts to your genuine remark.

Men respond to women who appreciate them for the things that they care about and like doing. He will be egged on to do more things to get your appreciation.

4. Be specific and to the point without elaborating on details

Research on the subject indicates that men use about one-third words as compared to women who cannot help elaborating on the details. Men may not find the topic interesting and women should learn to respect that and speak to the point.

Many women go into specifics when relating episodes of a Tv show that their guy may have missed. They even go to the extent of relating the details of the workplace which is not at all necessary as he may not know or care about those particular details.

Men prefer to get the gist of the story or event instead of hearing about the episode in detail. It may just aggravate them to have to hear the unnecessary details so put a lid on it and stick to the main lines.

Follow these great tips to learn how to make him want you always by his side.

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