Wednesday, 21 August 2013

property mentor
property mentor
How’s that financial freedom coming along? When I first heard the idea of becoming financially free I wondered why I would want to do that – I obviously didn’t get it did I!

Well, I discovered the incredible returns I could get for investing in property and getting a regular monthly return. This meant that when I bought a property and rented it out then I could amplify my pay each month at a pace that I could control instead of my bosses deciding if the company could afford to give me and my colleagues a pay rise.

A basic 2 or 3 bedroom property would generate an income of £200 after all the costs had been taken off, so when I have 10 of these I can earn £2,000 per month. If I can buy just 2 each year then it would take 5 years to earn this amount. There are lots of tax benefits from having these properties and eventually I will be able to replace the income I get from working so that I can choose whether I continue to work or not.

The difficulty we face is that when we have wiped out the money we have saved to pay for one property then we run out of opportunities to buy property – or do we?

Now using property investing techniques that all the successful investors know about I don’t have to use my own money to buy property and I can really help people who are struggling to sell their home at the same time.

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