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The Brick & Mortar to Go to & Order Change
The Brick & Mortar to Go to & Order Change
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Hey Im Margie Alaprandi. I'm in Salt Lake City Utah and I'm a 25-year network marketing expert.
with a firm thats just later on from here. For every one of those twenty five years.
I've had the pleasure of knowing a man named Cody Bateman. I'm blown away by what he's achieved it's.
all behind those doors and today it's my honor to take you inside to fulfill him and show you around.
You know Cody had a brainstorm concerning twenty years ago, he would take the greeting card and gift marketplace.
from an offline to an online setting. Equally Amazon did for manuals Netflix did for movies and iTunes did.
for popular music. Cody would partner with the brick-and-mortar to go to and order change. The result would be that.
anyone could create a physical greeting card in a matter of minutes and afterwards send it off without ever.
having to rely on some store worry about with pens envelopes stamps or mailboxes ever and all that for a fraction.
of the price of a store boughtt card, oh, and even feature a gift, just like that. He named to the firm Dispatch Cards.
He chose network marketing as its business model. So permit's go and look at just how worldwide we can tailor choose indicator and.
deliver an actual greeting card in minutes from the comfort of your pc.
I'll show you just how easy it is from this notebook listed here in the main lobby and I want you to know first of I am not a geeky, that even.
I can do this so if I can do it anyone can do it.
So just visualize that you intend to associate with a person by delivering an actual greeting card via the mail.
and you're going to do it without ever leaving your chair. The very first thing you.
see on your pc screen.
is the dispatch cards magazine and wow there are hundreds of different greeting.
cards in over a hundred groups.
You can create a to two pael card a three-panel card a large card.
or even a postcard. I'm going to deliver a two panel congratulations card to my child.
who just acquired captivated. You see listed here, there's the front of the card,.
there's the inside and check out just how simple this is.
You're gonna love this! I'm going to go to templates.
I already have a template I actually like.
I'm going to select that, drag it over.
and drop it in. Then I'm going to select images.
Listed here's an image of me in my little ones. My child and his fiance,.
they're the ones on the left. I'm going to drag that over.
and drop it in. Just how easy was that!
It instantly superimposed the image.
behind the template. So from here I'm going to type a message.
It's that easy.
It instantly saved the card. I just captured a moment in time.
and shared it with my child and soon to be daughter-in-law and it.
only took me concerning a minute. Now I'm ready to continue.
and add my card to the cart. I intend to add a gift so I go to "Add A Gift To This Order".
Wow! I can not believe this, these gifts are attractive.
Right here on this site I have the most effective gifts selection.
of any online store I've ever seen. I select.
"Gifts" and look. listed here's a four pack of brownies.
These lock delicious! My child loves brownies!
I merely go to "Include in Ferry". I have the alternative to continue shopping.
yet i think im just gonna look at. This page listed here is my call manager.
You can loat a bunch people in listed here. All your friends and your family members,.
each and every call you meet. The system will remind you of their birthday celebrations.
and offers you a simple means to communicate to every one of them. I merely locate my child's.
go to "Select Recipient" and it loads in the details ...

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