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Phoenix outings
Phoenix outings
Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix are numerous, and there's a reason for that: they're remarkable! On these excursions, which can last from as short as a few hours to as long as a few days, you'll have the opportunity to look into one of the most astounding wonders on the face of the Earth. Our point in writing here is more oriented toward a certain end, nonetheless. Actually, our point is to highlight a couple of our favorite Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix, since there are many from which to pick. Hope it helps!

If you're pressed for time, then one timeless option is a Grand Canyon air tour. On it, you'll take an aircraft up into the sky, and travel north from Phoenix all the way to the one-of-a-kind site. Much of the three hours is spent getting to and from the Grand Canyon, and that's certainly not a bad thing. You'll get to streak through the clouds over Sedona, and see its loads of surreal red rock formations, such as the legendary Bell Rock and awe-inspiring Cathedral Rock. You'll additionally streak past the San Francisco Peaks, a mountain range of 12,000-ft.-tall peaks, along with the Painted Desert, with its visibly stratified stone.

The jackpot, naturally, comes upon reaching the Grand Canyon. At this point, you'll get 20 minutes of air time over the wonderful, mile-deep natural monument. The bird's eye view is to die for, so spectacular are the canyon's interior rock spires and mesas, and rich, earthen hues.

The second of the Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix we should recommend is a three-day motor coach and train expedition into northern Arizona. This adventure begins with a van ride through the Upper Sonoran Desert, and pauses for a night in Sedona. There, you'll get to take a Jeep tour out to the dozens of rust-colored monoliths that distinguish the landscape. But by day two, it's on to the mining town of Williams, where you'll catch the Grand Canyon Railway to the Grand Canyon. The impressive ride lasts a little more than two hours, and offers terrific sights out of your big windows; there's even entertainment within the walls of the train.

Upon reaching the Grand Canyon, you'll get to explore it from the ground. This can include a day hike along the Bright Angel Trail, a scenic walk on the Rim Trail, and/or a stroll through the Grand Canyon Historic Village. The views from the South Rim are remarkable; they are broad and impressive, and worthwhile of the few dozen pictures you might take. You'll additionally spend a night at a lodge next door to the Grand Canyon, and awaken for a few added hours of free, unstructured time to discover its amazing offerings. The ride back to the Valley of the Sun doesn't set off until about noon, which means that on these sorts of Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix, you're going to get about 24 hours-- or, in short, a full day-- at the canyon.

As you can see, your next getaway to Phoenix ought to include a stop at the Grand Canyon. That shouldn't be tough to carry out, either. To state it plainly, Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix are many in volume, and more notably, high in quality.

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